Hall County Emergency Center - Grand Island, NE.

We would like to say congratulations to the Hall County Emergency Center on the completion of your new EM911 Building in Grand Island, NE.

Thanks to Chief Construction for another successful project.


We would like to recognize our Middleton Electric employees on a job well done with the completion of this project:

*  Edgar Mendoza   *  Daniel Welsh  *  Alfredo Ramirez Jr.  *  Juan Perez Reyes  *  Jose Perez Reyes  *  Douglas Hill  *  Sean Johnson  *

*  Johnny G. Barreto Clarke  *  Jacob Wilson  *  Jose Alazo  *  Daniel Hochreiter  *  Kevin Russell   *  Eugene Brown  *  Danny Acosta Alvarado  * 

*  Kyle Moody  *  Raymond Martin  *  Dylan Friesen  *